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Elephant in the outdoor enclosure

The Conservation Euro

Your contribution to nature

Nature and species conservation are crucial aspects of the modern age, and they are of global significance for society. We have been supporting selected species conservation projects for many years.

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With the introduction of the Conservation Euro in December 2018, we have been able to increase our commitment in this area considerably and make a significant contribution to protecting endangered species and conservation areas. The voluntary contribution is paid by the overwhelming majority of our visitors. In 2022 alone, it generated a total of € 319,000, 100 per cent of which goes to field projects. Our heartfelt thanks therefore go to you, our visitors, for joining us in supporting the preservation of nature and biodiversity.

12/ 2018
campaign launched

90 %
pay the Conservation Euro

euros donated in 2022

Übersicht über die Verteilung der Einnahmen aus dem Artenschutzeuro 2019

payment of donations in 2022

In addition to projects to which the Zoo has given financial support in the past, we have chosen further projects where the Zoo’s inhabitants can serve as ambassadors. All projects are linked to reputable organisations and provide transparent information on how donations are used. In 2022, the Conservation Euro raised a total of €319,036. In spring 2023, we donated €285,000 from this fund to a total of 16 charitable organisations and initiatives. We hold a certain amount in reserve to be donated at a later date or to enable us to provide urgently needed assistance at short notice. The remainder is thus always disbursed one year later.

Since the introduction of the Conservation Euro, we have donated over €930,000 to field projects.

In 2022 alone, the scheme raised €319,036, 100 per cent of which went to field projects.


Overview of Conservation Euro donations received each year (in euros)


Overview of donation distribution in 2023

NGOreceived donation 2020Picture

Big Life Foundation

Protecting large animals in East Africa



35,000 euro



Ausgebildete Ranger bewachen das Schutzgebiet

Bukit Tigapuluh Nationalpark

Conservation project in Sumatra

FSZ Orang-Schutzprojekt


35,000 euro



Orang-Utan im Freiland

Mountain pastures in the Eastern Erzgebirge

Nature conservation on our doorstep



20,000 euro




Hoofed mountain animals in Central Asia

ZGAP project for the protection of markhor, Marco Polo sheep and other native hoofed animals



25,000 euro



Berghuftiere in Zentralasien

Sphenisco e.V.

Protecting Humboldt penguins



25,000 euro



Humboldtpinguin im Freiland

Snow Leopard Trust

Protecting snow leopards



35,000 euro



Schneeleopard im Freiland

Tomistoma Task Force

Protecting false gharials



5,000 euro



 Sunda-Gavial im Freiland

Asociación Armonia Bolivien


20,000 euroFliegende Rotohraras

Vulture Conversation Foundation

Protecting European vulture species



35,000 euro



Fliegender Bartgeier im Freiland
Stiftung Artenschutz

foundation for species conservation


25,000 euroSchweinshirsch im Freiland
Other beneficiaries:

Borneo Orangutan Survival (5.000 Euro), Red Panda Network (3.000 Euro), Giraffe Conversation Foundation (2.000 Euro), Prigen Breeding Ark (5.000 Euro), Notfall SOS Fonds (5.000 Euro), Koala Education & Conservation Program Australien (5.000 $), Zootier des Jahres (5.000 Euro)

20,000 Euro und 5.000 $Logo der Giraffe Conversation Foundation

support projects

Learn more about the species conservation projects we support and the work they do.


A young orangutan being taken to Jungle School

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