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Rotes Riesenkänguru in neuer begehbarer Anlage.

Tips for your visit

Our Zoo covers an area of around 13 hectares and offers visitors of all ages a fun, relaxing and truly wild day out. Whether you are visiting the zoo alone, with the family or in a group, your day is sure to be fun-filled and full of adventure. The zoo is home to over 1,070 animals living in modern enclosures that are designed to provide as natural a habitat as possible.

Neue Anlage für Rote RiesenkängurusOur current highlight is the kangaroo enclosure, which opened in October 2022. Over a three-month construction period, the old antelope house was transformed into a new home for the red kangaroos, becoming a sunny oasis for these Australian marsupials. Visitors can enter the enclosure via a curved path and observe the red kangaroos up close.

Plus, we highly recommend a visit to our walk-in flamingo aviary. Built in 2020, the aviary gives you the feeling of being in amongst our red flamingos, scarlet ibis and roseate spoonbills. The walk-in tundra aviary as well as the ring-tailed lemur island, which is open in the summer months, also allow you to experience the animals up close. At the giraffe enclosure you can discover our Kordofan giraffes and zebras from the headland that extends far into the enclosure, while up on the observation tower you can see eye-to-eye with these stately animals.

We have a total of six animal houses offering zoological discoveries for all ages, whatever the weather. We particularly recommend a visit to Prof. Brandes House, where you will not only see our koalas, but also a wide variety of endangered species such as woolly monkeys and our false gharial. You will also meet our two-toed sloths as they roam freely above visitors’ heads, as well as the guerezas which feature on the zoo’s logo. A peek inside the Africa house, which reopened in 2018, is also well worth it. In addition to our African elephants and mandrills, here you can also visit our naked mole-rats, which, aside from having many unique characteristics, are also rarely seen in zoos. The outdoor elephant enclosure was expanded in the summer of 2021 and offers our four African elephants more space and comfort, and visitors new viewing opportunities.

And finally, don’t miss a visit to our bat-eared foxes. We have had these animals since April 2021. In the beginning, the two animals from Magdeburg Zoo were still quite shy, but now they have come out of their shell and are easy for visitors to spot.


You can find more information about our animals and enclosures here: Go to zoo tour


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General information




Dogs are not permitted inside the Zoo. The smell of dogs can cause many zoo animals distress, as dogs are one of their predators. Some visitors, especially children, are also wary of dogs.

Assistance dogs are excluded from this rule (provided that an ID card can be produced and the dog is clearly identifiable as an assistance dog, for example with a yellow jacket or a clearly marked harness).


Baggage storage

Lockers are available in the foyer for small items of baggage (e.g. tote bags, handbags). You can hire a key at our information desk for 1.00 euro (plus a 10 euro deposit). Individual suitcases can be deposited at our information desk free of charge.

Unfortunately it is not possible to reserve baggage storage in advance.


For young visitors

Kiddie transport

Kiddie transport

You can hire a handcart for 2.00 euros at our ticket office so that you can enjoy a fun and relaxing stroll through the zoo. For a 20 euro deposit, you can obtain a special chip at our ticket office which allows you to release the handcarts. Handcarts cannot be reserved in advance.

Please note that balance bikes, skateboards, scooters, throw toys and balloons are not permitted inside the Zoo. Please leave recreational mobility devices in the car or lock them up outside.


Playgrounds & Zoo Kasper



Our young visitors can enjoy lots of playgrounds for running about, climbing and swinging, as well as the exciting performances of our zoo’s very own puppet Kasper (free of charge).


Baby changing facilities

Baby changing tables are available in the sanitary facilities at the entrance and exit, as well as at the Penguin Café. Nappies are also supplied free of charge by our partner “dm-Drogeriemarkt”.



If you would like a more secluded place to breastfeed, there is seating available on the first floor of the foyer. Simply take the stairs located next to the information desk. There is also a visitor-accessible island next to the main entrance of the Prof. Brandes house, which is densely planted and therefore affords greater privacy. It is also usually quieter in the rosarium and on the upper floor of the Giraffe House


Enclosures and facilities

Meerkat enclosure

We give especially high priority to visibility for visitors of all ages in our enclosure design. Full-length windows, special views and hidden paths for children encourage their curiosity and make exploration fun.


Dogs are not permitted inside the Zoo. No accommodation is provided for them. The smell of dogs can cause many zoo animals distress, as dogs are one of their predators. Some visitors, especially children, are also wary of dogs. Assistance dogs belonging to visitors who are physically or mentally disabled are excluded from this rule.
If you cannot find your child, please approach a member of staff or inform the ticket office (+49351- 4780 610). The entrance staff will help you look for them. Wristbands by our partner Gutmarkiert are also available from our ticket office. You can write your telephone number and child’s name on these. With older children, you can arrange a fixed meeting point before your visit.
If you have lost something valuable, or if you have found something that you would like to hand in, you can approach our staff at the ticket office. The staff hold lost property in safekeeping. This is also where you have the best chance of retrieving your lost valuables. You can contact our ticket office during Zoo opening hours on +49351 - 4780 610.
Admission to the Zoo is free for children between the ages of 3 and 16 on their birthdays. There is no need to give prior notice. Simply show an ID card or any other form of certification bearing the child’s date of birth to our ticket office staff and we will treat you to a very special birthday in our Zoo.  

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