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Is photography and filming permitted in the Zoo? Under what conditions am I allowed to publish my pictures?

26 May 2021

Photography and filming in the Zoo for private purposes is permitted. Please note that there are signs displayed in some areas and animal houses prohibiting the use of flash photography. You must not leave the designated visitors’ walkways. Any photographs you have taken or film you have recorded during your Zoo visit can be used for private purposes. This includes publishing on private websites and in non-commercial photography forums. If you would like to use photographs or film for commercial purposes, please contact us at: info@zoo-dresden.de. If you have a particularly nice photo that you would like to share with us, please send it to: info@zoo-dresden.de. We might even publish it, with your consent, on our Facebook page. We provide media representatives with a range of up-to-date information and photos. These can be used for editorial purposes free of charge with reference to the copyright: “Copyright: Dresden Zoo”. Any use beyond this is prohibited. Photography and filming for editorial purposes must be declared to and approved by the press department. Commercial photography and filming must also be arranged with the press department in advance and approved by them prior to publication. Admission to the Zoo is free for those who hold a valid press pass following prior registration.

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