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Ring-tailed lemur in the indoor enclosure.

Tufted deer pair arrives at Dresden Zoo

Animal news | 13 July 2023

Tufted deer Berry
A pair of tufted deer has been living at Dresden Zoo since the beginning of July. The enclosure formerly belonging to the red kangaroos was redesigned in June to make a home for these small deer, who stand at a mere 110 to 160 cm tall. Topsoil was added, bamboo and juniper were planted, and the area was broken up with boulders and deadwood. In their natural habitat, the mountainous regions of Central China, tufted deer can also be found in bamboo or rhododendron groves, for example. “First and foremost, they need hiding places and, especially in summer, shady spots where they can retreat,” says curator Matthias Hendel.

Schopfhirsch-Weibchen Goji

The animals, originally from Berlin Zoo and Bergzoo Halle, have now become well acquainted and have settled into their new enclosure. Two-year-old female Goji can be recognised by a small notch in her left ear; male Berry by his prominent canine tooth. The presence of highly elongated canines is a striking feature in both sexes, but is much more pronounced in males. Berry’s canines are still growing and will get much longer, as the young buck only turned one in May.

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