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Ring-tailed lemur in the indoor enclosure.

Hog deer welcome new arrival

Animal news | 9 January 2023

Hog deer welcome new arrival

Eggsy is the name our keepers have given to the young female hog deer that was born between Christmas and New Year. The little one spent the first few days after her birth well protected in the stable. During this time, young animals are also cared for by the zoo veterinarian who, in addition to a general check, determines the sex and disinfects the navel. With a bit of luck and good weather, it will already be possible to see Eggsy at the weekend exploring the outdoor enclosure that the group of hog deer, which now numbers ten animals, shares with four Nilgai antelopes. It’s also worth mentioning that little Eggsy is already the eighth baby welcomed by female hog deer Rascha and breeding male Quill.

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