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Ring-tailed lemur in the indoor enclosure.

Settling in the binturongs

Animal news | 11 May 2024

Einzug der Binturongs ins Orang-Utan-Haus

Another species that has moved into the new orangutan house is the binturong.

The two animals come from a Dutch and a French zoo respectively and are called Swantje and Roquefort. The young pair met for the first time soon after their arrival at the zoo, but binturongs are solitary animals and find it a little more difficult to get to know each other than smooth-coated otters do, for example.

Binturongs are predators from the viverid family. They are good climbers and feel most comfortable when they are high up. To begin with, they are being given plenty of time and plenty of peace to help them settle in to the indoor area, before they explore the outdoor area directly at the entrance to their new home.

Photo: Thorsten Eckert, DDV Media

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