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Ring-tailed lemur in the indoor enclosure.


Animal news | 22 February 2022


Baby female hog deer Elaha lies quietly in the safety of her stable waiting for mum Brahma, who regularly drops in to nurse her offspring. Elaha was born on 10 February, making her the 10th female in our herd of hog deer. The herd currently consists of six adult females, four young females, and one male ‒ also the father ‒ Quill. Elaha occasionally leaves the stable with her mother to investigate the enclosure, which the hog deer share with our Nilgai antelopes.

Hog deer are native to the region from northern India across to Vietnam and live in dry or tropical areas. Their numbers have been threatened by hunting and habitat loss in their natural range. In addition to leaves, grass and buds, they will also happily nibble on various fruits. Here at the zoo, our hog deer’s diet is supplemented with hay, vegetables and concentrated feed.

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