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Ring-tailed lemur in the indoor enclosure.

Southern tamanduas welcome new arrival

Animal news | 13 June 2022

Tamandua Nachwuchs im Zoo Dresden

Kiwi and Ignacio, our southern tamanduas, have welcomed baby number four to the world. The mini anteater was born at the Prof. Brandes House on 13 April. He is doing very well and already weighs almost 1,500 grams. We don’t know the sex of the as yet unnamed youngster, because it’s difficult to determine gender externally at this age.

A family reunion with dad Ignacio is scheduled for this week. Ignacio was kept apart from mum Kiwi and their baby for the first few weeks, to give mother and child time to rest and get used to each other. Keeper Olaf Lohnitz is relaxed about the encounter, as Ignacio is a very laid-back dad who loves to play with his offspring. The baby will stay with its parents for about a year before it strikes out on its own and heads off to another zoo. You’ll find the tamandua family in the large enclosure with the white-faced sakis.

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