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Ring-tailed lemur in the indoor enclosure.

New arrivals among the banded mongooses

Animal news | 8 August 2023

banded mongooses
It’s all go in the banded mongoose enclosure at the moment ‒ on 19 July, seven young animals were born in the indoor pen, which is not visible to visitors. In banded mongoose packs, the females synchronise their cycles so that they give birth to their young at the same time. The current litters come from three mothers. In the first few days after the births, the keepers made sure to give the group lots of peace and quiet. Any disruptive cleaning work was suspended, and the adults were provided with plenty of food so that they did not have to leave the pups alone. Now the inquisitive little ones are already exploring their outdoor area, so you might be able to spot them. Although they are suckled for about 1.5 to 2 months, they start nibbling on the adults’ food after about three weeks. To avoid intolerance issues, feed rations are adapted to the needs of the young animals during this period. For example, fresh carrots are not added to the morning meatballs, and the midday meal of fruit and vegetables consists of easily digestible items such as banana, lettuce and boiled vegetables. Ground beef and insects are also on the menu.

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