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Ring-tailed lemur in the indoor enclosure.

Marlies the sloth welcomes new arrival

Animal news | 5 June 2023

Faultier Jungtier

On 25 May, our two-toed sloth Marlies gave birth to a healthy pup. This is baby number four for Marlies and her partner Atia. The little one weighed in at 568 g, which is a typical birth weight for sloths. The sex is still unknown.

Marlies carries her pup on her belly, as is usual for sloths, and spends much of the day tucked away in her box. With a bit of luck, visitors can spot mother and child on their rare rambles through the Prof. Brandes House. However, it is vital to keep a good distance in order not to disturb the formation of a healthy mother-child bond and the development of the young animal.

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