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Ring-tailed lemur in the indoor enclosure.

Baby koala christened Janali

Animal news | 15 December 2023

Koala-Nachwuchs Janali
It’s a girl! The first koala joey to be born at Dresden Zoo and has been named Janali. The name derives from the Aboriginal word meaning “moon” and was chosen by our animal keepers at the Prof Brandes House.
Janali was born in late March 2023, without hair and just two centimetres long, and spent seven months growing inside her mother Eerin’s pouch. Now the little lady has left the pouch entirely and only sticks her head back in to feed. Janali is doing very well, and already weighs in at 902 grams. As well as drinking her mother’s milk, she is happily chomping away at eucalyptus leaves.

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