Zoo Kasper, petting zoo – great for the kids

Is everybody ready?

Zoo Kasper

There are currently no performances.

Traditional Saxony Puppet Show

Kasper goes on various exciting adventures in our puppet theatre:
  • Kasper and the Little Troll
  • The Bewitched Feed Bucket
  • Kasper Guards the Zoo
  • The Missing Owl
  • What’s the Witch Doing at the Zoo?
  • The Red-Billed Duckling
  • Kasper and the Trapper
  • The Sausage Thief
  • Kasper the Zoo Gardener
  • Kasper and the Lion
  • Goblins at Kasper’s House
  • Adventure at Kasper’s House
  • The Little Hopping Man
  • Kasper and Struppi
  • Well, I’ll be a Monkey’s Uncle
  • Kasper's White Goat


Dresden Zoo Playground
The animals at our zoo need plenty of peace and quiet; they don’t like people shouting or dashing around. But we know that most people need to let loose at some point. That’s where our six playgrounds come in ... Let off some steam here

Petting zoo

Dresden Zoo Petting zoo
We have had a small petting zoo here since 1986. In October 1992, however, the site was completely rebuilt. Now you can pet Cameroon sheeps and domestic pigs. More info here

Children`s birthday

Children’s birthdays
Children’s birthdays at the zoo are certainly something special. Away from everyday urban life, children will learn lots of little facts about the inhabitants on an interactive tour through the zoo.  more infos here