Zoo Dresden

Letting off steam

Playgrounds at Dresden Zoo

The animals at our zoo need plenty of peace and quiet; they don't like people shouting or dashing around!
But we know that most children need to let loose at some point!

So let off some steam at our fantastic playgrounds!

Climb all over the playground at the “Afrika Lodge” right behind the Africa house, enjoy a big watery adventure in front of the lion savannah, and swing like a monkey at the rope labyrinth in the scouting tree at the giraffe enclosure. You’ll also get some fascinating views of the giraffes and zebras from the large peepholes in the scouting tree.

At the Kangaroo stop, you can try out your climbing skills on the climbing wall and then whoosh back down on the new slide. Bumper cars are waiting on the other side (1.00 euro per ride)!

Climb like a monkey at the Prof. Brandes House. Be like one of the animal inhabitants of this house and climb, swing or simply dangle from the equipment. You can also fly through the air in the basket swing at the main entrance. 

And don’t forget the big climbing frame and sand pit near the petting zoo, or the slide that takes you down to the Underground Zoo.

The possibilities for play are endless!

Zoo Kasper

Dresden Zoo Kasper
Dresden Zoo has hosted Kasper since 1931. Puppet master Stefan Flinner has taken care of performances for 15 years – he makes up stories and dialogue, works behind the scenes and composes the music. Go to Zoo Kasper

Petting zoo

Dresden Zoo Petting zoo
We have had a small petting zoo here since 1986. In October 1992, however, the site was completely rebuilt. Now you can pet Cameroon sheeps and domestic pigs. More info here

Children`s birthdays

Zoo Dresden Kinder
Children’s birthdays at the zoo are certainly something special. Away from everyday urban life, children will learn lots of little facts about the inhabitants on an interactive tour through the zoo. 
  More info here