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Welcome to Dresden Zoo!
 Welcome to Dresden Zoo!
Covering around 13 hectares, our Zoo is home to more than 1,700 animals and over 270 species. Our animal residents offer a fascinating journey through all the continents.  Discover vicunas, nandus and capybara in the South America section, or Asian hoofed animals such as the rare mishmi takin and hog deer, as well as Asian small-clawed otters and orang-utans. And don’t forget to stop by at the Tundra aviary or see the Australian red kangaroo. For a real highlight, check out our African animals and the koalas!

Over the last few years, we have taken care to modernise and enlarge many of our animal enclosures, making them as natural as possible. The orang-utans got an outdoor enclosure, while the Humboldt penguins now have a new site where visitors can marvel at the swimming skills of these South American birds through large glass panels. Regional co-housing of animals across larger areas – such as the South America section and the giraffe and zebra enclosure – has also been established by combining individual enclosures. Map of Dresden Zoo


Africa house, Walk through enclosure for Ring-tailed lemurs, Tundra aviary…

Prof. Brandes-Haus
Prof. Brandes-Haus
The Africa section of the zoo – extending from the Africa house through the lion and caracal gorge and on to the giraffe and zebra enclosure (opened in 2008) – was completed when the old seal pool was converted into the visitor-accessible ring-tailed lemur island.

This was preceded by comprehensive upgrades and new constructions, all of which have turned the zoo into a real gem. The Africa house opened its gates in 1998, followed by the visitor-accessible Tundra aviary in 1999. Actual the Africa house will be constructed. During the construction work, the elephants can only be seen in the outdoor enclosure. The other animals like naked mole-rats and mandrills live behind the scenes. The Humboldt penguins got a new pool, while the historic Predator cliffs were converted into the current lion and caracal gorge with a zoo museum in the visitors’ room.

Another beautiful section was opened in July 2010, called “Prof. Brandes Haus”.  This enclosure was designed as a tropical area, and offers a natural habitat to guerezas, woolly monkeys, Emperor tamarins and sloths. A real highlight in this are our two koalas. These adorable creatures are one of Australia`s national animals and get fresh eucalyptus every day at 10:30 am. Wednesday and Sunday: 11 am animal keeper meet-up point, weighing the koalas. 
  Map of Dresden Zoo

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