Zoo Regulations

Dear Visitors of the Dresden Zoo

We would like you to remember your visit to the Zoological Gardens as an unforgettable and happy experience. Please show regard for the other visitors and the special needs of the animals. This means that you should assume responsibility for your own behaviour and be polite towards other visitors. In addition, to avoid any misunderstandings we would like to ask that you observe the following rules which represent our general terms and conditions
1. Tickets 
You may only enter the Zoo with a valid ticket at the designated entrances. Please keep your ticket handy when entering the Zoo. People with a non-transferrable ticket (annual ticket) are requested to prove their identity by presenting their annual ticket. We would also like to ask you to keep your ticket handy while visiting the Zoo so that you can show it to staff upon request. When you leave the Zoological Gardens, your ticket will no longer be valid. An annual ticket entitles the holder who is identified on the ticket to enter the Zoological Gardens during the general opening hours for one whole year from the day of their first visit. The ticket is non-transferrable. The purchase of an annual ticket does not mean that the Zoo will be open daily during the term of an annual ticket. Misappropriated tickets will lose their validity and will not be replaced. They must be returned to the Zoo Dresden GmbH. People with such tickets will be excluded from visiting the Zoo in future and charges will be filed against them.
2. Parking 
The Zoo’s car park belongs to the grounds of the Zoo Dresden GmbH. It may only be used by visitors to the Zoological Gardens. Its use is regulated by the road traffic regulations and the displayed parking rules. The Zoo Dresden GmbH is only liable for damages which occur or are caused by intent or gross negligence on the part of its vicarious agents or legal representatives. The use of the car park is subject to a fee.
3. General Safety Regulations 
The regulations of the fire police must be strictly observed on the grounds of the Zoo. This applies to the ban on smoking in the animal houses and other designated areas and above all to the use of open fires.
Weapons are prohibited on the grounds of the Zoological Gardens. People under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be prohibited from entering the Zoo and they can also be ordered to leave the Zoo. It is in the interest of all visitors that the orders of Zoo staff are followed. People who illegally attempt to pass on their annual ticket or other non-transferrable tickets to a third party or who try to manipulate their admittance to the Zoo will lose their right to visit the Zoo for the remaining term of their ticket. In the interest of honest visitors, the Zoo Dresden GmbH will confiscate annual tickets that have been misused. The Zoo will also exclude people misusing the tickets from purchasing an annual ticket in the future and file charges against them. For safety reasons the use of bicycles, scooters, skateboards, roller skates, etc. is prohibited in the Zoo. These items must be left outside of the Zoo. In the interest of safety and to protect our visitors against adverse effects, we also reserve the right to refuse the use of other vehicles such as handcarts which because of their size could be a nuisance to other visitors.
4. Feeding and Petting 
Although animals may often appear to be tame and may win our affection when begging for food, their welfare and health can only be ensured when they are exclusively feed by the Zoo using special fodder. We would therefore like to request that you do not attempt to feed the animals. At compounds were the Zoo offers you fodder you may feed the animals, however only by exclusively using the fodder provided by the Zoo. The Zoological Gardens reserve the right to ask people who violate the ban on feeding the animals to leave the Zoo and to prohibit them from entering the Zoo in the future.
5. Security Barriers 
Please do not step outside the visitor’s walkways and the specifically designated visitors areas. Also please keep off the grass and the flowerbeds. We would furthermore like to urgently advise you not to climb onto or over the security barriers or fences.
6. Pets Prohibited 
Out of consideration for our animals and other visitors, pets (dogs, cats, etc.) are strictly prohibited in the Zoo.
7. Using the Facilities of the Zoological Gardens 
We would like you and the other visitors to enjoy your visit to the Zoo. Please appreciate that the directions for using the Zoo’s facilities and the instructions of our staff allow the Zoo to function smoothly and that they must be followed by all visitors. Should you fail to comply with these instructions or staff orders, the Zoo’s staff may exclude you from using the facilities or order you to leave the Zoo without you being entitled to claim for compensation. Visitors are liable for all damages arising from a failure to comply with instructions or staff orders.
8. Use of the Play Equipment 
Age restrictions and directions for use must be strictly observed when using the play equipment, the playgrounds of the petting zoo and similar facilities. The Zoo Dresden GmbH will accept no liability for any damages arising from non-compliance or other inappropriate use unless the damage has occurred through faulty directions for use or through a faulty condition of the facility.
9. Parental Responsibility 
Children under the age of 12 may only visit the Zoological Gardens when accompanied by an adult. We would like to ask parents and people accompanying children and school groups to duly fulfil their supervision duty. Parents and persons accompanying children are liable for any damages caused by the persons under their supervision.
10. Scope of Services 
We would like to ensure our visitors a pleasant stay at the Zoo at all times. With consideration for our animals and other important reasons such as weather conditions and necessary repair and construction work, the purchase of a ticket cannot always entitle its holder to a claim to specific performances such as the presentation of certain animals or animal species or the use of all the attractions of the Zoological Gardens at all times.
11. Reports on Damages and Loss of Items 
The facilities of the Zoo are carefully maintained and monitored. Should you however sustain damage or a loss through no fault of your own, we would like to request that you report the event at the cash till area before leaving the Zoo. Please also report any event that you believe could perhaps lead to damage in the future. Compensation for damages is excluded for claims made after leaving the Zoo grounds that could have reasonably been made beforehand. Lost and found items must be handed in to the Zoo staff at the cash till area. Lost and found items can be picked up at the cash till area.
12. Promoting and Presenting Goods and Services 
Advertisements on the Zoo grounds (including the entrance areas and the car park) and the presentation of goods and services are only permitted with the prior consent of the Zoo’s management. This also applies to opinion surveys and censuses.
13. Photographing and Filming 
Please feel free to take as many pictures and videos for your family archive as you would like. We would only like to ask that you respect the rights of the other visitors. Not everyone would like to have their picture taken. Please appreciate that the publication of photographs or film segments from the Zoo requires our prior permission. Photographs or films taken for commercial purposes also require our prior approval. With this permission visitors will consent to the rights to their own pictures being transferred to the Zoo Dresden GmbH or to a public relations and advertising agency commissioned by the Zoo respectively.
We would like to wish you a carefree and pleasant day as well as lots of fun at our Zoological Gardens.

Karl-Heinz Ukena                                                  Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig
Managing Director                                                 Head of the Zoological Gardens